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  A great big thank you

When I originally started this venture I had no idea what a rollercoaster ride of confusion, frustration and elation it would be.

From the lack of funding available to good causes due to the Olympics through to the red tape bureaucracy of planning and health and safety. 

On the positive side however there were a great many organisations, companies and individuals who gave their time to provide advice, support and services.

We wouldn't have got anywhere without your help and I would like your assistance to be recognised and remembered.

Thank you to you all.


Rob Wassell 

Charities, Groups and Funding

The National Trust
The English Heritage
The Landmark Trust
The Georgian Group
The Victorian Society
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)
Eastbourne Borough Council
The Big Lottery
World Monuments Fund
The Royal Household
Save Britains Heritage
The Heritage Lottery Fund

The Media

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
The Argus
The Eastbourne Herald
ITV Meridian
The Independent
Southern Counties Radio
Sovereign Radio

Local Artist

Colin Rayne

Local Photographer

The Flash Fairy

Companies and Business

Abbey Pynford
Michael Coster
Lawson Lewis & Co (Solicitors)
Caladine Stevens (Accountants)
Reid Briggs (Insurance)

Eastbourne Council

....and last but not least

An extra special thank you to everyone who volunteered to help at the lighthouse when we acquired it, to everyone who donated money and everyone who sent kind words of support.... you know who you are.... thank you.



Belle Toute Lighthouse in distance across rolling fields


Belle Toute Lighthouse Tower

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