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  Send Your Pictures

We are creating an extensive and comprehensive photo library about the lighthouse and the surrounding area and we would like your help to increase our archive.

We want photos, negatives, slides, news paper cuttings, magazine articles and postcards and there are three ways in which you can send them in.

Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you wish for your picture to be returned.

By Email

Please address to:

historyinpictures [at]

The email address is presented in this way to prevent 'spammers' from sending us email, although if you click the link it should launch an email to the correct address.

By Flickr

Flickr is an online photo album and by sharing your photos with the Belle Toute Lighthouse Group the whole world will be able to see a growing collection of pictures.

How to Add Your Photograph

1 Join Flickr and Upload Your Photograph

To add your photograph to the Belle Toute Lighthouse group, you will need to do so through the online photo sharing and community website Flickr. Basic membership of Flickr is free.

Once you are a member of Flickr, you can upload your photographs through your browser, by email or in a number of other ways. For more information in Flickr, see the Flickr Frequently Asked Questions.

2 Join the Belle Toute Lighthouse group

To join the Belle Toute Lighthouse Flickr group, sign in to your Flickr account, then go to the How We Are Now group page and click on "Join This Group?" on the right-hand side of the page.

3 Add your photograph to the Belle Toute Lighthouse group

Once you have joined the Belle Toute Lighthouse group, you can add the photograph to the group. Go to the photograph's page in Flickr, click on the "Send to Group" button above the photo , and select "Belle Toute Lighthouse" from the drop-down menu.

4 Mark your photograph on the Flickr map

Please mark your photograph on Flickr's map of the UK. To mark your photograph on the map, go to the photograph's page and click on "Place this photo on a map" on the right-hand side of the page. You can then navigate to the photograph's location on the map and drag and drop the photograph's icon to add it.

5 You're Done!

You can add as many photos as you like to the group, indeed the more we get the more extensive our collection will be.  However, we do ask to respect our rules that only photos of the lighthouse or the surrounding area are uploaded.


  Belle Toute from Cuckmere through a filter

Belle Toute Lighthouse Tower

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