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Pictures of the Belle Tout Lighthouse

Over the years, I have taken tens of thousands of photos of Belle Tout and the surrounding area, as well as collected postcards and pictures, some very rare indeed.

I share some with you here although my new book 'The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse' contains many pictures, including some unlikely to have been seen by many people.

Belle Toute in its original position

Belle Tout lighthouse before it was decommissioned

The above picture is very interesting as you can still see the original lamps in the lantern room before Belle Tout Lighthouse was decommissioned.

Belle Toute old black and white photo in its original position

Belle Toute in its original position

Belle Tout in its original position, before relocation

Belle Toute in original position

Belle Tout in its original position, before relocation

Belle Toute during the relocation in 1999

Belle Toute during the move of the lighthouse

The extensive construction process to move a lighthouse.

Belle Toute during the time of the move film crews

The move was a highly publicised world-wide watched event.

Belle Toute during the time of the move on runners

A scene from the BBCs Megalab '99 which covered the move. Notice the artists impression of concrete the platform (yellow) that was built underneath the lighthouse to enable it to move, and the concrete runners (white) that the lighthouse slid back upon to take up its resting place on the new storey.

Belle Toute in 2007

I ran the Trust to try to acquire the old Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head.

It was a year that was to present huge challenges, deep frustration, huge joy and an overall amazing experience.

/Belle Toute East Side

Belle Toute part of original foundations

Belle Toute Garden

Belle Toute looking northeast from cliff edge

There is no doubt that Belle Tout was in quite a bad state in 2007. The Lantern Room and the balcony was rusty, windows were rotting and pools of stagnant water lay underneath floors. I was doing all I could to raise money and awareness to buy Belle Tout to renovate it and protect it for future generations.

Belle Tout in 2008

David and Barbara Shaw bought Belle Tout in 2008 and they had similar plans as the Trust, to renovate it and open it to the public - even many of the ideas for the rooms and themes were similar.

Belle Tout opened to the public

In 2010, the work on Belle Tout was completed and it finally opened to the public. People could now come and stay in this magnificent building and marvel at its unique design, fascinating history and breathtaking views of the English Channel, dramatic white cliffs and surrounding countryside.

Belle Tout is a wonderful place to stay.

Every part of Belle Tout has been renovated with great attention to detail.
The new access road provides direct access up to the private car park for guests.

The Lantern Room gives a breathtaking 360 degree view.

A stay at Belle Tout is an experience that you will never forget.

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse

Since my involvement with Belle Tout, I have become somewhat of an expert on its history and have had the privilege to follow it closely since 2007. I have collected rare pictures and taken many thousands of my own photos to form a library the likes of which no-one else has.

In 2011 I published The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse so that I could tell people more about Belle Tout's fascinating history and it is on sale now from Belle Tout, various outlets in and around Beachy Head and from this website.

I am now working on a much more detailed, The History of the Belle Tout Lighthouse to tell more stories and share more pictures about this remarkable building. If you would like to help or contribute to this book, please get in contact with me as I am looking for anecdotes, memories, old photos and pictures.

The official website of the Belle Tout Lighthouse.

More Photos by Rob Wassell on Flickr

You can see a great many more of my photos on Flickr.

Please contact me if you would like to use any of these photos for any books or publications or media usage. If you can't see what you're looking for, let me know as the chances are that I will have it in my collection.


Belle Toute from Cuckmere through a filter

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell
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More photos on Flickr

You can see more of my photos on Flickr.


Belle Toute Lighthouse Tower

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