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Originally the Trust called upon the generosity of the British public for donations to raise enough money to buy the lighthouse.

Thank you to everyone who gave those valuable pounds although in the end not only was it not enough, but it wasn't enough to cover the spiralling costs of keep the trust up and running.  Read more here.

The trust has been wound up because the lighthouse has been sold, although the society still needs money to cover our hosting and administration costs.

We therefore welcome donations from the public to cover these costs and help the society keep running.
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PayPal is an internationally recognised, secure and popular online payment system.  Please click the donate button below to add a donation of 1.00 to the 'shopping basket'.  You can then adjust the quantity as necessary to increase the donation amount.

If you have an existing PayPal account you can login or you can choose to use a credit or debit card by selecting 'continue' towards the bottom of the page.

All donations will be made to Rob Wassell who was Chairman of the Trust and runs the Society.  All hosting obligations are in his name and all monies received will be used for ongoing hosting and other associated society costs.

Thank you for your support


Belle Toute Lighthouse in distance across rolling fields


Belle Toute Lighthouse Tower

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