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Belle Toute is also spelt 'Belle Tout' and sometimes 'Bell Tout', and even 'Bell Toot'.

It is pronounced 'Bell Toot'.

It is often believed that the origin is French, as in 'Belle' for 'Beautiful' and 'Tout' for 'All' or 'Toute' for 'All', 'Whole', 'Everything'.

However, as far as well can tell the origin is Saxon. Derived from 'Bel', the name of an early pagan deity, Bael, and 'Toot' for 'Lookout'.

Belle Toute is the name of the elevated promontory upon which the current lighthouse stands and from which its name is taken.

There is evidence of ancient neolithic sites with bronze and iron age settlements and the earthworks and barrows are still visible today.

Bournemouth University have carried out a very interesting research study into the neolithic and beaker enclosures at Beachy Head and Belle Toute.

For more information, please visit their website:

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We want to create the most comprehensive library about the lighthouse and the surrounding area that we can although we need your help to do it.

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Belle Toute Lighthouse in its original position

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell

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