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Welcome to the Belle Toute Lighthouse Information Resource
by Rob Wassell

In 2007 I formed the Belle Tout Lighthouse Preservation Trust in the hope of raising money to buy and acquire the old lighthouse at Beachy Head to open it as a tourist attraction and bed and breakfast.

After much publicity and a relative amount of success, unfortunately, the trust lost out to a private buyer in April 2008.

This website contains a record of what I tried to achieve and is a testament to a unique building with heaps of character that is rich in history that resides in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Please help us keep the Beachy Head Lighthouse stripes

Last year it was made public that Trinity House had decided not to re-paint the Beachy Head Lighthouse and allow it to slowly fade to its original light grey granite colour.

The news that this world-famous and iconic lighthouse would lose its unmistakable red and white livery has caused some controversy.

Read more at my new Beachy Head Lighthouse website and support it in any way that you can.

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse

Belle Tout has a fascinating history, from our Neolithic ancestors and Roman farming, through to the brave acts of Parson Darby and "Mad Jack" Fuller's influence that led to the first temporary lighthouse being built. The Belle Tout lighthouse was built in 1832 and decommissioned in 1902, it has been a tea-shop, a home, partly destroyed during the second world war and lovingly rebuilt in the 50ís. Owned and filmed by the BBC, moved due to erosion - and now, Belle Tout has been beautifully renovated and refurbished.

The book is printed in full colour, with 44 pages and 99 pictures, some rarely seen before by most people. Itís an interesting and captivating tale of one of Britainís most unique buildings.

Click here for more information and to buy online.


To celebrate the launch of my book, I ran a competition to reflect the historical significance of the location of Belle Tout. The lucky winners could receive either a Neolithic arrow-head (approximately 4000 years old) or a Roman coin (circa 400AD) Ė genuine history that you can hold in your very own hand! More information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Belle Tout Lighthouse?
Why is Tout sometimes spelt Toute and other times Tout?
When was the old Belle Tout Lighthouse decommissioned?
When did the move the lighthouse?
How far did they move the lighthouse back?
How fast is the chalk cliff at Beachy Head eroding?
Will the Belle Tout Lighthouse need to be moved again?

These questions and more are answered in the Belle Tout Q & A section.

A very old Belle Toute Lighthouse

About the trust and its original plans

If you would like to find out more information about the original trust and what its plans were for Belle Toute then find out more about the Trust.

A great big thank you

We would like to thank everyone who was involved to help us get to where we did, we couldn't have done it without you.  We would like these people who have helped us to be known and you can find out more on the thank you page.

The Builder Boys Charity Calendar

I was the official photographer and designer for the calendar to support Everyman for Cancer Research. Find out more about this exciting and fun project on the Belle Tout website.

Photographs and Prints

Coming soon - a range of photographs and prints available to buy online.


The Belle Tout Hotel

If you're looking for the official website for the Belle Tout Hotel Click Here.

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell

The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell
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The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse by Rob Wassell - one sale now

Fascinating fact

Pharology (named after Pharos, the famed lighthouse of Alexandria) is the study of lighthouses and signal lights. Those who study lighthouses are known as Pharologists

An eroding coastline

Did you know that the fragile chalk cliffs of Beachy Head are eroding at an average rate of 60 centimetres per year!

Can you help me?

I am currently writing another book about Belle Tout and I am looking for people to help with information, pictures, photographs, postcards, anecdotes and stories about anything to do with Belle Tout.

I will cover any and all costs and ensure that you have a credit in what will be a unique publication that will be a part of Belle Tout's future history.


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